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Tech Pan Archives - Matt

I have had ideas to post about the past couple weeks and then have totally spaced on actually doing it. I’ll have to pick that up throughout the week.

I originally got into photography in Middle school, and my interest grew through high school until around my 18th birthday. At that point, I got a point-and-shoot digital camera, and while I took thousands of photos with it, I really set photography on the back-burner until I got my Nikon D80 about three years ago. At some point, I bought a roll of Kodak Technical Pan film because I had heard how awesome it was… I want to say that I thought it could be rated at very high speeds, but that’s not its strength at all, instead, it’s very fine grained.

I never processed the roll, because I think at that point I rarely developed film myself and I didn’t want to pay for a professional lab, so it sat in my camera bag. And sat, and sat. Over 10 years, although I can’t quite date it. I woke up this morning and decided that I would develop it today, it would be the perfect rainy day project.

I didn’t expect much to come out.  I’m working with >10 year old film, no idea what ISO I shot it at, and Rodinal (a developer I have very little experience with.) To my surprise, I actually got some images out of it! They’re insanely overexposed, so I’m really pulling them in post-processing. Nonetheless, there are a few examples where the grain is amazingly fine given what the media had been through. The rest are a little rough, but have a neat look.

Tech Pan Archives - The Gang

I even found a photo of myself. I’m embarrassed by my fashion choices. I was apparently at a barbeque.

Tech Pan Archives - Me


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