Posted in Uncategorized by Eric on February 23, 2010

I need to expand my photographic skills to include portraiture. I think I could be excellent at it, except I am hesitant to approach random people, and don’t want to feel imposing by forcing friends to be subjects. Those fears are kind of irrational, so I feel a bit silly admitting it, but if I want to change them, it probably helps to admit it.

I love much of the stuff I have done without people in it, and they’re critical exercises with form, color, and texture. Secret snaps are fun too, but I think one can convey so much more by engaging with a living subject. I’m starting to feel as if I should define my photographic style, and while I tend towards this sort of Urban landscape/decay/found object style, sometimes I think it’s just easy. I think that means both that it comes naturally but that it isn’t much of a challenge. I have ideas which I haven’t experimented with yet.


I have some portrait-taking opportunities coming up, and with all the rain this week, I should be playing with my speedlites inside at home. Goal: 3 portraits this week. 1 can be a self-portrait

Accidental Self Portrait


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