Never Enough Time

Posted in Uncategorized by Eric on March 5, 2010

I get a little frustrated at times because I feel like I have such a long photographic to-do list:

  • Take Photos
  • Process Film
  • Scan Film
  • Take more photos
  • Practice various techniques
  • Really, find a damn bag for my Hasselblad

etc. etc.

Another thing on my list is to look at “good” photography. This is hard, because the internet has so many good, bad, and everywhere-inbetween photos. I’m still developing a sense of judgement, so I don’t always trust it. I’ve been on the lookout for more curated sources of current-day photographers.

I think I’ll pick up a magazine subscription or two. Silvershotz and Lenswork both look interesting.

That said, I do have some faves right now:

Leenah – She has this great, I guess you could call “washed-out” style. I really like this aesthetic. Light and airy and a little desaturated. I’m linking to her Dan Black photos because I saw them before I saw her flickr stream (and I enjoy Dan Black’s music,) and it was cool to see something I liked and then randomly find the photographer behind it.

PippoWasHere – His work is a mix of strobist stuff along with a lot of Photoshop post-processing, but it doesn’t quite blow past reality like Trey Radcliff’s HDRs or Dave Hill’s heavily-altered realities. He’s 18 and I’m totally jealous of his skill level for his age. Why’d I spend all that time studying Computer Science again?!

Nick Onken – I really like his work that I’d classify as “pop-photography.” ┬áSure, much of it looks like Banana Republic Ads; the lifestyle pictured can’t really be attained (nor will their clothes fit right, you know they’ve got that shit pinned up behind the model’s back to make it look fitting,) but it captures the emotion of those brief moments of lose-yourself-in-it-fun.

Any other recommendations?

I should start scanning. I hate 36-exposure rolls.